Save Time, Increase Profit

The chart below displays the dramatic improvement in cycle time that the Numatix CNC Control achieves.


The Numatix control is capable of processing data at a rate of 50,000 blocks per second, where most CNC controls on the market achieve between 600 and 3000 blocks per second.

In addition to superior processing capabilities, the Numatix control also utilizes 80 buffers (translates to approximately 3 inches of motion) for 3-D look ahead, where most CNC controls on the market utilize 4 buffers.

Lastly, the Numatix control implements a closed loop update time that compares the feedback position (either encoder or scale) to the commanded position at a rate of 5 times every millisecond, resulting in a corrected output to the axis driver. The closed loop update time does not diminish with additional axis.
Summarizing, the combination of a superior processing rate, 3-D look ahead and an extremely efficient closed loop update time, the Numatix CNC Control dramatically reduces cycle time. As the chart shows, a CNC machine retrofitted with a Numatix CNC Control will typically cut a part in half the cycle time that it would take the same CNC machine with a conventional CNC control. This reduction in cycle time is realized with no additional hardware modification to your CNC machine. The more complex and contoured a part is, the greater the reduction in cycle time.

This extreme reduction in cycle time gives Numatix customers an edge in today’s extremely competitive market. Please visit the ROI Calculator to see how quickly your investment in a Numatix CNC Control will pay off.